Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Other things I do...

A 6 x 6 canvas with hand-painted collaged papers, gold leaf, cookie cutter prints, and lettering.  A perfect hostess or thank-you gift. 

I originally thought of this blog as a place to showcase my new plein air painting but realized it is a great opportunity to show all of the work I create.  And I am a little slow at the plein air thing right now.  Next painting session is Thursday, Oct. 21 at Fuller Lake...I hope to have something to share!

This "Heart of Gold" theme was inspired by sooo many people in my life...customers, family, friends...I wanted to create a few small works based on the theme in order for the gratitude I feel to be included as a part of the process.  I have been incredibly blessed in this life and know we all have blessings to be grateful for, especially the generous people in our lives.

If this piece, or the theme, resonates with you, let me know.  I have several available and will happily create more to your specifications.  They are a deep, gallery wrapped canvas with the edges painted black.  Available for $65 (plus shipping if necessary). 

Thanks for taking the time to let me share this with you!


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